The Hamilton-C2 is designed to provide respiratory support to neonates, infants, pediatrics and adults. With its compact design, built-in batteries and ultra-quiet turbine, this ICU ventilator can accompany your patient anywhere within the hospital, independently of central gas and power supplies.The customizable Ventilation CockpitTM on the Hamilton-C2 provides the exact information you need to focus on what is important. You can choose to display conventional waveforms, the ASV graphic, the Dynamic Lung or the Vent Status panel or even an optional volumetric capnogram to allow efficiency assessment of the ventilation therapy on a breath to breath basis. The Intelligent panel graphics visualize the patient’s ventilator status and dependency in an easy-to-understand form.Software version 2.1 on the Hamilton-C2 allows you the flexibility to choose your optimal care strategy with a choice between two alternative timing strategies in controlled modes or with the possibility to easily switch between conventional PSIMV+ and PSIMV+ with additional IntelliSync enabling a more gentle ventilation. A 72h trend complements your monitoring possibilities.

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