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Cardiovascular Care

Our cardiovascular care solutions help health systems meet the demands of a growing cardiovascular disease population inside and outside the hospital.


Our range of diagnostic imaging systems and software are designed to produce high quality images, improve efficiency and enable a better patient experience.

Clinical Applications

To solve some of the most pressing clinical challenges in patient care, we offer a range of clinical applications that bring together hardware, software, technologies and services that can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs


Our monitoring solutions go beyond measurements to address the broader challenges of health systems in keeping watch over patients continuously. 

Diagnostic Technologies

Digital advancements in healthcare hold great promise for improving diagnostic speed and confidence, as well as the most appropriate path for treatment. 

Consulting & Services

Our teams bring a deep expertise many aspects of healthcare, from clinical excellence, workflow optimization and to equipment maintenance and staff training and education.

Discover the difference that spectral-detector CT makes

Now you can easily have both the “where things are” of conventional CT combined with the “what things are” revealed by spectral-detector data. Layers of rich spectral data improve tissue characterization and visualization, and may reduce the need for follow-up scanning for sub-optimal exams and incident. Read More…

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